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Japanese business expert.
Learned to create enterprise by the dreaming room which are created by Micheal E. Garber, legend of entrepreneurship and the World’s #1 Small Business Guru.
After that, she visited companies in the U.S. which use method of dreaming room and dream managers and learned the importance of dreams in sites.

At Stanford University, she studied design thinking and gained knowledge of how to solve issues by creative way.
Since she has various profound experience of working with international companies worldwide, currently she is supporting companies who deal with international businesses and individuals who are willing to start owns business.

She have helped international companies over 10 years experience in B2B business development regarding Japanese business. She have worked with startup to large corporation and governments.
Summarize of my achievement:
– Specialized in sales, marketing and B2B business development (10 years+)
– Experienced in project management (10 years +)
– Experienced in handling business in diverse cultural and geographical environments (10 years+)
– Japanese business consultant for international companies (10 years+)
Here is her list of companies which she used to work with in Japan.

[ Who she is: Personal journey]

Her life journey didn’t start easy.
Born and raised in countryside of Japan. Surrounded by all nature and animals.
In a small conservative community, she started to dream of new and bigger world. And she became a dreaming girl. No one in her family supported her dream but against it. Her English score was one of lowest in the class too. After lots of struggles, she made my dream come true. While studying, she had 3 internships as convincing the dean of the college who insisted only one internship was allowed. And she established Japanese touring center at the University.
Currently, raising a lovely 5 years old daughter as single mother in the Netherlands. Her passion is helping other’s dream come true.

Her motto:
Believe and make actions with sincere heart. Things happen in right timing,Her passion is to support one’s dream and create platform to assist people to achieve their dreams.
Her motto is ‘ Follow your heart and let’s do it.’
Current residence:the Netherlands

Here are other information:
2.Blog in English
3.Interview in English

She was fortunate to meet lots of entrepreneurs.
Here are some of interview she had hosted.
Mr. Steven Blanck ( Silicon Valley entrepreneur )






PhD. Yves Pigneur ( Author of Business Model Generation)






[ Dreaming companies]

She have made appointments and visited companies alone with Japanese CEOs.
Patagonia, Zappos, Micheal E. Gerber consulting, Google HQ, IDEO and more


Visited and interpreted speech of Mr. Michael E. Gerber










Interpretation for Phd. Yves Pigneur











Seminar for inbound in Japan at Tokyo big sight












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