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Make your dream come true

What is your dream?

I will talk about how to make your dream come true today.

If you haven’t have dream lately, what dream you had in the past?
If you keep your dream as dream, it stays as it is.
Here is two important things for making your dream come true.

[Keys to dreams ]

1) Never forget your dream

2) Work for your dream

Personally, there were many people who told me ‘ It’s impossible’ to my dreams which now all achieved.
Studying in the US for University degree, establishing my company, moving to the Netherlands…
It was no doubt that there were tons of reason for the word’ impossible’  for my dreams.
For example, not enough money, no network, no support, single mother with a child and so on..
However, my dreams listed above came true.

I kept my dream in my heart and never let anyone to destroy them.
I believed it will be real regardless of what other people say.
If you dream with your heart purely, there is invisible force which led you to achieve your dream by all miracles you have never imagined.
If you are working hard for your dream, somewhat you start to meet people who want to help you or there are unexpected event which lead to your dream.

Some dreams are easily achieved and big ones may take time.
Everything has timing.
You need to remind this.

If your dream may take time, do the best for what you can do now.
Things in front of you even small is fine, do the best as you can with full of your heart and soul. Be excited by thinking of your dream. Just dream as if you were a child.

Once it is ready, your dream come true. It may appear miracle.

I also have dreams.
Some of them are magnificent. Thanks to my dream, my days has been so excited everyday. Some of my big dream won’t come soon, still I think and feel that it is such happiness to live for my dream.
And I never forget ones who have been loving me and supporting me.

And I love to hear your dreams too!
What is your dream?
Tell me your dreams even secretly.
If you need my help to push you forward, let me know.
I will be happy to do.

Wish you a day with happy moments.

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